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    Welcome new shareholders and well done on your investment decision i hope you all become as passionate about ORD as many of us on here are and beleieve in ORD as much as we do!

    For those new to ORD the annoucement we are waiting for is the approval of the new tenaments in laos for there bauxite project that is currently in feasability stages.
    Currently ord have a JORC bauxite resources of 130 million tones of bauxite in there existing tenament but with the additional tenaments if granted they are estimating a bauxite resource of betwenn 2 - 2.5 BILLION tones.

    So you can now appreciate the significance of this annoucement when it comes out in the near future. Without the new tenaments the project may not be feasable. BUT with the new tenaments there should be no problems in the project being fesable!!

    To put it simple if the NEW TENAMENTS are GRANTED that means BIG $$$$$$$$$ for ORD as that means there will possibly be a heck of alot more mineable bauxite. So in my opinion this annoucment will be a huge step forward ORD's Laos bauxite project.

    The great thing about ORD to all the new share holders is that they have several projects on the go and are not limited and relying on jsut one like so many spec stocks out there . ORD'S 2 largests projects to date that could take this stock to a new level are there LAOS BAUXITE project and their COPPER FLATS projects which is the main reason why the chiness have invested in this company and virtually taken it over, they want that copper ORD is entitled to and they have a very good idea what is there already but with drilling set to start in the 2nd quarter of 2010 it wont be long till we know for sure.

    If either one of these projects is successful it will take ORD to a world class minning company not to metion the other smaller but as important projects they have on the go like there gold prospects in NSW and dont forget they mention in the last few company annoucements that they are activly seeking new projects at or near production stages, which they will more then likely call on the $10 million from CNMC there chinesse partner to fund there new projects with.

    If ORD can bring both LAOS and COPPER FLATS into production then watch out the share price will be no where near where it is now, this ofcourse has many factors to there success but things so far look very poistive for both projects. This is a long term goal as this is a long term share but alot can happen in the next 6 months to 3 years and if your in this for an investment and not a quick buck then your chances of this company being successful far out weigh any other stock on the asx that i have reasearched! (And i have reaserched alot).

    Do your own reasearch but i hope this gives a quick summary to those new share holders in ord and hope it shows just how much potential ORD has in the long term!
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