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    "Pfizer delisting from New York Stock exchange!
    Some people got filthy rich and now they want out.
    Pfizer just filed a form 25 with the security exchange commission (SEC)
    Form 25 says they want to delist their securities from the exchange
    This means $PFE Pfizer will no longer be a publicly traded company.""

    And if that's garbage, we must also assume that much of the entire article is also garbage.

    Truth : Pfizer Is NOT Delisting Itself On Nasdaq / NYSE!

    This is yet another example of anti-Pfizer, anti-vaccine FAKE NEWS being created and propagated by anti-vaccination activists. Here are the reasons why…

    Fact #1 : Pfizer Is Not Delisting Itself On Nasdaq / NYSE

    I had already addressed this earlier, when they claimed that the NYSE delisted Pfizer.

    Now they are claiming that Pfizer is delisting itself on Nasdaq or NYSE, but that is also complete nonsense.

    Anyone who takes just 2 seconds to look at the NYSE or Nasdaq website, or even Google, would realise that Pfizer Inc. (PFE) is still listed on both stock exchanges.

    Not only is Pfizer still on Nasdaq and NYSE, its stock price actually went up by 2.17% on 11 March 2022!

    Read more : Did NYSE Just Delist Pfizer Over Vaccine Scandal?!

    Did NYSE Just Delist Pfizer Over Vaccine Scandal?!

    Fact #2 : Pfizer Delisted Its 0.250% Note From NYSE

    This new fake news is based on two recent Pfizer announcements. The first is a Form 25 submission that Pfizer filed with the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) on 7 March 2022.

    Pfizer submitted that Form 25 to delist its euro-denominated 0.250% notes – basically debt with a payable interest of 0.25% that matured on 7 March 2022.

    In short, Pfizer paid off that matured debt with interest, and consequently removed the notes from the NYSE. It’s even stated in the description of their 7 March 2022 SEC filing on the Pfizer website.

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