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    Key Points:
    • Drilled 17½ inch hole to 1265m
    • Currently running 13⅜ inch casing
    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA (February 18, 2008) -- MEO Australia Limited (ASX: MEO)submits this drilling report for the period ending 1000 hours February 18, 2008. Blackwood-1
    was spudded at 1830 hours (ACST) on February 1, 2008 in Exploration Permit NT/P68.
    The rig has completed drilling the 17½ inch hole to the section target depth of 1265m and is currently running the 13⅜ inch casing string. Following cementing of the 13⅜ inch casing and successful leak-off test, the Blow-out Preventer stack (BOP) will be pressure tested.
    The drilling of the 12¼ inch hole to total depth is expected to commence later in the week.
    The estimated depth of the Top Plover Formation target reservoir of the Blackwood structure is 3351m.
    Blackwood-1 is being drilled by Seadrill’s West Atlas jack-up rig. The Blackwood-1 wildcat well is being 100% funded as a sole risk operation by MEO. The well is designed as a
    vertical well to penetrate, log and recover hydrocarbon samples in the Plover Formation of the Blackwood structure.
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