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    Hardman Resources Ltd (“Hardman”) provides the following weekly progress report on
    the drilling of the Chinguetti 4-5 well, PSC Area B, offshore Mauritania:
    Project Description: The Chinguetti 4-5 Appraisal/Early Development Well (“AEDW”)
    is being drilled on the south western part of the field
    approximately 900m northwest of the Chinguetti-1 discovery well.
    The well will be completed suitably for long term production and
    an extended production test (1-2 week production period) is
    planned. The well would thereafter be suspended pending
    commissioning of production facilities in late 2005.
    (Previous 7 days to
    08:00 hours (Perth) 16/9/03)
    Since the last report, blowout preventers were installed, 12¼ inch
    (311mm) hole was drilled from 1,682 metres depth to the final total
    depth of 2,605 metres and the well was conditioned prior to the
    acquisition of wireline logs. The current operation is acquisition of
    wireline logs.
    Note: All reported depths are referenced to the rig rotary table.
    Geology &
    Hydrocarbon Shows:
    Hydrocarbon shows will only be reported after wireline logs have
    been run and evaluated.
    Participants in the Chinguetti 4-5 well and PSC Area B are:
    Woodside Mauritania Pty Ltd (Operator) 35.0%
    AGIP Mauritania BV 35.0%
    Hardman Resources Ltd 21.6%
    Fusion Mauritania B Limited 6.0%
    Roc Oil (Mauritania) Company 2.4%
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