CQT 0.00% 51.5¢ conquest mining limited

weekly chart with notes, page-8

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    Great work on the charts Bungi. They objectively views what is going on in the market without getting ones emotions involved. If the volumes were higher, the prices would be much much lower. I was just making an observation on a factor that is quite relevant, a factor i'm yet to work out how to understand and apply properly in analysis. How important are high volumes if the $ vale of trades is low?

    In such a weak market as we are in now, one would have expected many larger players to step in an take advantage of the weak positions of many smaller companies, but this has not happened yet. What gives? Is it a lack of funding to launch a take over, or are the larger players prepared to wait for liquidations before they attempt to purchase assets of smaller companies? Maybe they expect much more downside.

    We will know the bottom is in our market when cashed up larger players make hostile take over bids of the many smaller players. This is yet to happen. I wonder if CQT will be one of the first?
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