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    @marcelchilli - Reposting since my post was removed by mods:

    There is probably one point that was not really mentioned by @Sade or myself from the EGM.
    Take the time to read : https://www.fnarena.com/index.php/2019/06/06/worleyparsons-gains-enhanced-global-scale/

    Having a great idea is only a small part of the total formula for success. Being able to execute on that idea is everything. DB mentioned the above acquisition by Worley. The global reach of WP after swallowing Jacobs is breath taking. Which other AM vendor has such a partner?

    The reality is that A3D have only just now brought their RMP product to market (not quite to be exact), so impatience around deals is silly. If there is a legitimate gripe, then we can all probably agree that this impatience has arisen from the projected timelines of last year. The timelines projected for beta/first sale in Q2 2018 were not based on good information and Aurora deserves a kick in the balls for that one. The blowout was never probably explained to the market - another kick in the balls deserved.

    However, putting aside the delays and the resulting failure to meet expectations (timeline wise), Aurora have really not put a foot wrong. Can someone actually point me to any bad news?

    The reality is that they are still doing final calibrations on the machine scheduled for the first sale. If like me, you have driven yourself to the edge of insanity hoping for a market announcement every day since 01 OCT 2018, then do yourself a favour and reset your expectations. If you instead accept that such announcement will probably not be "overdue" until probably the 01 OCT 2019, then you might start to feel a bit less frustrated.

    A3D is in a good place. Realise that once the RMP is finally ready for sale (not just in beta) and with WP doing the selling, success is sure to follow.
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