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Flash, its the only one proven to work commercially in volume...

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    Flash, its the only one proven to work commercially in volume yet. So its the winner right now despite its limitations.

    Forget any of the crap about this tech or that being "better". Until either can prove they can get working chips consistently with good yield that are fast and last, then its all just theory.

    One might be screamingly fast or last forever but if only one chip yields off each wafer then its not going to be economic to make it. There are lots of reasons for low yield, and anything relying on complex interactions at small scale is likely to have extremely fine production tolerances. This may make production hard. We dont know if either are fast or likely to yield well in a commercial fab since that information hasnt been given by either yet.

    Your investment depends on those parameters being met. Nothing else matters.

    Neither is risk free and where each player is at on the roadmap can change quickly. WBT have had 12 months tweaking at 40nm and have packaged chips with partners & are shrinking down as well to 28nm. 4DS are still working to get theirs off the bench. We know nothing about the real cell consistency on the wafer or the number of working chips yet in either case.

    Both are definitely progressing.
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