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Wed, 4 Aug - Can I Long Covid?

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    Morning Team!!
    Some Quick Thoughts.

    Australian tech sector out performing the world. In other words, BNPL and KGN out performing the world since March lows. Looks a little overdone imo.

    I'm putting in a bid for APT @ $13

    "Strength in Australian iron ore export values is masking some pretty weak outcomes for coal and LNG. Our external sector is not as strong as the headline surpluses would suggest."
    - NAB

    "There's been a clear deceleration in card spending across Australia in recent weeks, according to @ANZ_Research data. A lot of demand has been brought forward and stimulus will soon be wound back. Points to the risk of renewed weakness ahead"
    - ANZ
    ALSO, a scary statistic. 11% of all Australian mortgages are still on deferred payments with the dollar value continuing to grow. If that's not worrying enough, 17% of small business loans are also deferred. How many of those are secured by residential property? Job keeper continues to be the only thing holding our economy together.

    Very very spooky, also why didnt the RBA say one word about the AUD July rally?


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