Weapons of Mass Deception

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    This needed its own thread ... The True Enemy of the People at long last are known to us all !

    Much of The Real exposure of the MSM is still to come after Trumps November 4th Re-Election

    How much of what we think we know about the past is utter fabrication & completely backwards and will be a challenge to most as Lie after Lie , as all the Fakery and Trickery of the Well trained talking heads of the MSM is revealed

    If it seems as if every one of the MSM trusted institutions recently lost all credibility,

    But is that is an illusion ?

    They didn’t suddenly get worse. You got smarter. We got smarter Trump did that to you. It might or might not have been planned. But it was predictable if you know anything about Trump .

    The Best may be yet to come but sadly we haven’t seen the worst of it

    Imagine how different it could be if the MSM wasn’t dividing the people with False Deceptive narratives but healing them with Truth and Justice for All

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