'We support Zali's campaign': Ex-husband retracts tweets criticising Zali Steggall, page-13

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    "Meanwhile abbott is a close friend of convicted sex offender pell.

    Whats a disgrace hairy?"

    Good point raider...............

    Parliamentary ALP chock wedge full of hypocrites.................. more per capita convictions for kiddy fiddling than the Catholic Church.

    The ALP likes to hammer the upstanding citizens and protect the Kiddy Fiddlers.

    Where was Christine Keneally and all those other Pious ALP types when Gillian Sneddon was persecuted?

    Pointing her finger at others..........



    Whistleblower sacked as sordid child sex saga sends former NSW minister behind bars

    FORMER NSW Aboriginal affairs minister Milton Orkopoulos may face up to 14 years in jail after being found guilty of 28 pedophilia and drug charges, but the woman who first blew the whistle on him has been sacked by the State Parliament.

    It can now be revealed that Gillian Sneddon, Orkopoulos' former electorate officer, who helped collect evidence from his office for police, was sacked last month, on the day she began to give evidence at the Orkopoulos trial. She had been off on stress leave and is fighting a worker's compensation claim against the Parliament. Premier Morris Iemma has said her situation was a matter for the Parliament.

    Ms Sneddon said yesterday that she felt "the treatment of me … (had) been a disgrace"...........

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