'We support Zali's campaign': Ex-husband retracts tweets criticising Zali Steggall

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    'We support Zali's campaign': Ex-husband retracts tweets criticising Zali Steggall

    The ex-husband of Zali Steggall and the father of her children has retracted negative comments about the prominent independent candidate that were reported by The Daily Telegraph.A front-page story on Tuesday reported Ms Steggall’s ex-husband David Cameron, an ex-Olympic champion, along with his now wife, Sydney barrister Bridie Nolan, had accused Ms Steggall of being "opportunistic" and "lacking the temperament of a leader".

    The criticisms were over a tweet made by Ms Steggall — a former champion Olympic skier and family law barrister hoping to win Warringah from former prime minister Tony Abbott — at the time of the Christchurch massacre in which she expressed condolences to the victims, linked the shootings to hate speech and used the hashtags #warringahvotes and #auspol.In response, her ex-husband tweeted: "What sort of opportunistic person puts a promotional hashtag in a tweet intended for the condolences of a grieving nation."Advertisement.

    Following a second tweet from Ms Steggall over the Christchurch shootings, Ms Nolan tweeted in response: "You are showing you do not have what it takes. Withdraw now before you embarrass your family further. This and your tweet from Friday really are disgraceful."The tweets critical of Ms Steggall have since been deleted.Following publication of the story on Tuesday morning, Mr Cameron tweeted: "Today’s article in The Daily Telegraph does not reflect how my wife and I feel. It is a story about tweets made a month ago in disgust and does not reflect our support for Zali’s campaign. My wife @BridieNolan spoke to reporters with much reticence after consultation with me."The Daily Telegraph reported Ms Nolan as saying she was "appalled" by Ms Steggall’s actions, and called her "personally opportunistic".

    But on Tuesday morning Ms Nolan appeared to have changed her position, tweeting that the story was "highly regrettable" and that she supported Ms Steggall's campaign for the blue-ribbon Liberal seat."Please keep up your support for Zali and forget about this. It’s sensationalised nonsense. I tried to convince The Telegraph to leave this alone, as it was not in anyone’s interests and certainly not the children’s," she tweeted.She appeared to blame The Daily Telegraph, tweeting: "They just report as they please."Ms Steggall has two children with her ex-husband.Ms Steggall did not wish to comment.

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