We should stop taking our lead from the US and China

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    We should stop taking our lead from the US and China

    The rest of us share this globe as well. In various ways, we can affect world outcomes. You can have a couple of bullies in the workplace, but if others stick together, they can provide a counterpoint.

    Around the world, middle-order powers can form groupings and collectively exert considerable influence. We often think of groups arranged around geographic interest or economic size and they’re important, but there are other commonalities.

    There’s an idea to start a D10, of 10 democracies working together. That sounds sensible, especially now. Getting the cluster of democracies in Asia working together with democracies outside the region would be a useful message. If the democracies don’t work together and sell the value of their system, who will?


    I agree with you amanda.

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