HDR hardman resources limited


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    Just a thought from a nobody,IT HAS BEEN common practice to make money from HDR on the way up to a drill then sell good or bad then buy in later,the people doing this are the ones making the price go down,they have to sell to buy in later.
    My guess is you may be right but damaging HDR share price at the same time, so in the long run WPL WILL get a bargin thanks to sort term holders.
    Do you really think it will take WPL 2-3 years to produce from w/ africa at current oil price and wpl disire to go international they can do it tommorw,this is a major find ENI have not even reported the latest find but they have to all other finds this year are they showing disinterest for a reason, to have 57% is better than 35% for ENI or WPL we are playing into there hands and the hands of greedy day traders.
    Stop the selling and they are rat %^hit.
    Long term holders rule.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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