PRE 0.00% 6.0¢ pacrim energy limited

we re baaaaaaaaaaaaack

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    Gold put in a amazing effort last night. PRE at these levels is a screaming buy. For those who stare longingly back at 6c, it was forced selling to cover margin calls on other stocks that hammered us down to 3 cents. The longer we go the more certain i am of pre's great future. Eventually gold stocks will disconnect from the rest of the market.the strong aussie has been muting the run up in gold and i have even heard that used as an excuse as why aussie gold juniors wont run. LMAO, in my honest opinion we will at some point see gold above 3000us. if that happens you can bet its going to be way way higher than the currant and very profitable 1060 aussie.

    All this is is stating the obvious but when you look at the quality aussie juniors accross the board, its still obvious alot of investors just dont get it.

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