We Queenslanders vote tomorrow

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    Tomorrow Queenslanders have to decide which political party governs this fair state.

    As a local I can't believe the role the press has played in this whole affair but I guess they are all about column inches (and don't let the facts get in the way of that).

    Interesting to note most of the venom has been directed at Campbell Newman.

    It's all Newmans fault ........like it's all Abbott's fault.

    Now who racked up the debts?

    Well I guess the captain is responsible for the ship but what's specifically wrong with the ship in QLD I have to ask?

    Heavens above the QLD we have an opposition leader that doesn't know the current GST rate and she is our next possible Premier?
    And who benefits from the GST and any increase.......you guessed it.......The States.


    IMHO.......Anna is probably a nice lady but not up to the job at hand unfortunately and she's had lurch as a backstop.

    Now that's just to funny.

    Queensland elections are always colorful events particularly when you have the likes of the mad hatter and other colorful creatures.

    I hope common sense prevails tomorrow.

    We certainly don't need Victoria's disease.

    Let's see where the cards fall.

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