we must have a war!! as horrific as it is!

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    Because we are now living in a world where the fanatical muslims,like the Japanese kamikazes in ww2,have no self respect for their own lives let alone others,the only way of dealing with this worldwide situation is the same way it was dealt with in ww2,which is going to be catastrophic for all.A change in culture has to come from within after force,as was in Germany in ww2.After it was destroyed only then was change able to take place with reconstruction.The sooner the countries around the world realize this the sooner action can take place and positive reconstruction of all the countries actively involved with this fanatacism and all those countries which are not actively engaging to destroy this continuous evil,can take place within,with their own people allowing these countries to embrace people democracy and not controlled dictatorship.War will happen and must,so that we can get to a basic foundation again for the good of all and try to instill in people that they must have a fundamental value for their own lives, so that they once again can accept others for who they are irrespective of their religious beliefs and race.
    Without a war no change will occur and we will all still live in a world of uncertainty and continuously worry about our futures.
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