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    Four Iraqis killed in US airstrike near Fallujah : "The American airstrike killed four Iraqis, wounded five and burned six civilian cars

    Iraqis killed in attack on polling station: Two people have been killed and eight wounded in a mortar attack on an election office north of Baghdad, police and hospital sources said.

    Iraqi woman killed at US checkpoint: Two of the woman's relatives were wounded late on Friday night when US soldiers opened fire on their car. Police said the car failed to stop at a checkpoint in Iraq's northern oil capital of Kirkuk.

    American forces lose control of key city: At the same time as the US was recapturing Fallujah in a heavily publicised assault it largely lost control of Mosul, Iraq's northern capital.

    Sabotage Stops Iraq's North Oil Exports: Saboteurs blew up Iraq's northern export pipeline for the second week in a row on Saturday, halting oil flows to Turkey's Ceyhan port, oil officials said.

    US marines do not recommend return of residents to Fallujah : The US military cannot recommend to the Iraqi interim government the return of residents to Fallujah, where anti occupation forces are still holed out in the battle-scarred city.

    Marines Face More Cunning Foe in Fallujah : American troops face sporadic but cunning resistance from insurgents as they sweep the city of Fallujah more than a month after U.S. and Iraqi forces invaded the militants' stronghold, U.S. officials said Friday.

    Iraqis Face Winter Shivering by Candlelight: As if the daily struggle to dodge bullets and bombings is not enough, many Iraqis now face a freezing winter shivering by candlelight as persistent attacks keep the power out for more than 12 hours a day.

    'Chemical Ali' And Hussein's Defense Minister In Iraqi Court

    US military sees sharp fall in black recruits : "Bush has two daughters. Let them go over and fight," she added, to a chorus of "That's not our war" from the others.
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