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    Dead cat bounce?

    As I stated before the extremely low interest rates have certainly generated demand.

    SaturnV, What you are seeing is a slow supply, Vendors are refusing to selling, as they can't posibly accept selling under the peak price set in 2010 (unless they are forced to sell). Give them a whiff of improvement and you will see a jump in supply.

    I too am interested in inner west, whilst I have noticed more people at opens, they refuse to match the vendors in price. the price gap between buyer and seller is still there.

    Don't forget a 6% decline is nothing to sneeze at. Consider the mindset of Joe Public, after a decade of extraordinary growth, this is a bad time to be selling and a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy.

    The economy will continue to splatter along and the plebs will have forgotten the recent cuts and continue to cry poor, begging for more interest rate cuts and handouts that may or may not come.

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