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we have the promise of a drill rig

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    The market doesn't seem too keen on the primse of a drill rig. It dodn't surpirse me in the least that Range dropped on further 'firming up' of it's plans, because as I've sadi all along I believe Range will get squeezed out ...... and end up with nothing.

    th, you posted "What does pongo have to say now in regards to Range/AOI never drilling in Puntland?" I have this to say ...... They haven't drilled! There is a promise of a drill which in the scheme of things could be loight years away.

    Once again the market is showing you the way.

    This could hit the 20's which must sound unbelievable to some of you. But what is going to keep it up when it can't even scrape HALF A CENT from the 'promise' (lol) of a drill!

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