we have a debt problem, but.....

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    With rates payable on bonds we sell somewhere in the realm of 2.75% or thereabouts, surely now is the time to embark on a great national infrastructure spending frenzy.

    With unemployment rates at 6% and rising, and government revenue plunging, if the government started these projects we would fix the employment problem and fix the revenue problem.

    Lets think big and get on with it.

    1. High speed rail between Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

    2. Massive spend on light rail expansion in all capital cities that need it.

    3. Massive spend on toll roads in all capital cities that need it - tolls can be set very low to pay off the roads over 100 years if need be.

    4. Massive spend on port capacity expansions where needed, to ensure there are no bottlenecks to coal and iron ore exports for the medium and small tier exporters, that are locked out of competing against the 3 big boys BHP RIO XSTRATA.

    5. Massive spend on the NBN infrastructure, fibre to the home. Who cares if it's for downloading porn? It creates jobs.

    6. Massive spend on mobile towers to provide continuous coverage to our national highway around the entire country.

    7. Upgrade of national highway to ensure a minimum good standard around the entire country.

    8. Second airport for Sydney - a no brainer.

    9. Massive spend on wind farms, solar thermal storage plants etc. to get our renewable energy production up to 50%++. System to be coupled to a HVDC national grid connecting all states and all major cities in the entire country, to create a truly national grid.

    10. Massive spend on constructing a network of LNG filling stations around the entire country, and conversion of the nation's fleet of cars, trucks and buses to either LNG or LPG to virtually eliminate our reliance on imported petrol and diesel.

    These 10 measures would create millions of jobs, create billions in revenue for the government, which could then sell the completed assets to recoup construction costs, and would get this country into the 21st century.

    We need to think big.
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