Today's City Auctions: A$110,000 Below 2017 Valuation, No...

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    Today's City Auctions: A$110,000 Below 2017 Valuation, No Bidders!

    11th May 2019: House Prices/Values/Equity Continue To Tank! Melbourne, Nationally.

    Today's City Auctions-e.g.: Brunswick, Melbourne. Offer A$110,000 Below 2017 Valuation ($930,00), No Bidders! What Next?

    Guts Ripped Out Of Home Mortgage Market. Massive concern for owners with negative equity; banks with declining balance sheet asset values; zero wage growth, negative net savings, economy now in zero core inflation & GDP growth verging on negative for 2 Qtrs straight.As I predicted in August 2018, a 2019 Economic Recession More Certain Every Day.

    IMO, Worst Recession In Australia's History. Long, Deep, Savage.Australia will see 2.5 million householders suffering bank foreclosures. Result: 6.25 million people turfed out on streets!

    We'll be there for X'Mass. Great Stuff-Up.

    Even Greater Tragedy, for both Morrison & Shorten have evaded this critical issue, neither presented any viable solutions!
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