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we are getting close

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    On Monday I said:

    "Just a reminder that the Rossing South results were last posted on Feb 1st and the Huge Intersection at GD012 was posted in Jan 29th.

    That all means that we are fast approaching the 4 week mark from the time those results were released.

    It's my policy to be on "announcement alert" when this much time has passed since the last drill results were posted.

    This Friday marks 4 weeks from Feb 1st.'

    As soon as I posted that EXT went into pre-open and the new Rossing results came out. Pure coincidence I assure you.

    Now I am reminding you all that it is 1 month since the GD012 results were released. If you will recall, EXT closed up nearly 40% on the day those results came out.

    We are getting very close to the next results from around this hole. My advice is to watch closely in the next week or so.
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