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we all love gdn ...

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    Is that why there are so many posts?

    People have bought a spec (did some even realise that or did they think it was a sure thing?) - not a company you can properly value based on its current resources of gas - but a pure spec - and have dreamed that its drilling will strike it rich and make them rich.

    In addition, as this drilling drama has been going on for months and months people have refused to take their losses and continued to hold on in hope.

    You know, the next announcement will be the big one...

    There have been plenty of posts here, from what I have seen, which fed that hope. Let's simply say those posters believed what they posted and are optimistic souls, shall we?

    I have avoided buying pure spec oilers except well BEFORE the drilling starts, when they are usually being given away, simply because it is too easy to lose money in them overnight.

    Fundamentals? Where are they? I mean if GDN had producing assets and significant cash then the drama of this current well and all its potential pay zones would be pretty much irrelevant.

    Of course there are also I suspect large numbers of purchasers who do not understand the reports released by GDN - full of technical terms etc.

    Do they then rely on the comments about commerciality etc. from a few of the more astute HC posters?

    In my opinion, if you are unable to understand the significance or otherwise of reports released by a company then you are asking to be a lamb to the slaughter.

    We all love GDN ...

    Sometimes a marriage gone wrong needs to be ended.
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