AUO austral coal limited

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    Being such a "smart" investor top-pick, you of course know I would not publish who this advisor is, atleast not on hotcopper and not to you. Advice this good is hard to find. And, value investing on the Buffet/Lynch line in smaller companies can only work if there aren't too many people investing in the same companies (ie because the price rockets as subsribers pile in lower average returns).

    By the by, this advisor bought AUO a couple of years ago at 17c and has held in his portfolio ever since, generally recommending a "BUY" in the 50-60c range and a "HOLD" in the 70c+ range but never a "SELL". As for advice after the latest downgrade, I cannot say, because the January issue has not come out yet. Any other hotcopper readers who subsribe to his mag will know of whom I speak.

    You might end up being right on AUO - it's high risk but also high reward. We shall see.
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