wayne swan lieing through his teeth again

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    Wayne swan on ABC national radio, stating today but broadcast on ABC NEWS 24 propagandized that treasury modelling figures show that based on $20 per tonne that national income will increase from 56k to 65k by 2020 and this will be something like .1% less than without the CO2 tax.

    Seriously there is so much wrong with this claim at every level as it presents the majority of Australians...notice i mentioned the word 'majority'...if you don't know why this is so do the 'majority' of Australia the smallest courtesy and become better informed.

    Climate change fundamentalism layer upon layer upon layer and today it's at it's finest...garbage in always amount to garbage out.

    watching his body language I got the distinct feeling his words did not sit well with him as a person....but he still said them!

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