water vs population : what pollies think, page-2

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    Population explosion has only come about over the last 150 years and is due to the use of coal and oil as cheap sources of energy. Combined with the discovery of electricity, this cheap energy has provided cheap food,clothing,housing,water supply and heating[also cooling] on all the continents. As oil has become more expensive and scarce, the highest birth rates are found in Saudi Arabia whereas they are falling elsewhere. The modern cities were also founded on the cheap energy boom and will probably founder as it becomes expensive. If population numbers plateau at present figures, and new cities are built[towns expanded] where water is more plentiful, then live will be able to go on without too much disruption. However,more sustainable energy sources need to be developed if the standard of living is to be maintained, that is short working weeks etc. Electricity is more important than oil and ways of generating this at the same quantities as at present will be a big challenge. Economies will no doubt have to be made, but as there is a lot of wastage at present, a start will have to be made quickly.
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