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  1. gsw
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    The buying yesterday illustrated that there are many punters watching this stock. The top 20 next week, after T+3 time has elapsed, will be interesting.

    The seller that was on the boards at 900,000 and 1,576,560 was wiped out in own foul swoop and interestingly enough the rest of the sells were relatively small.

    Sometimes it is a revealing exercise to look over the day's trades. It can tell much about what is happening.

    I also noted that there appeared to be only the one big buyer and it also appeared to me that it wasn't as a result of an impending announcement, that hasn't happened, but as a result of someone taking, or increasing, their stake in the company.

    I think that it is a given that the company is due for an update and we have all been saying this for a couple of weeks now so I doubt if the buyer is interested in the buy on rumour sell on fact theory.

    Time will tell but having spoken to a couple of the top 10 share holders we are all saying, 'what the..' and 'it'll be interesting to find out who?

    A good question indeed.

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