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    Thief raiding a house at night, disconnecting video recorder, hears a
    "Jesus is watching you".
    Thief stops and listens. All is quiet so he resumes his efforts to
    disconnect the TV. He hears a voice.
    " Jesus is watching you".
    He is a bit unnerved and searches for the light switch. When he looks around he sees a parrot in a cage.
    He says to the bird, "Did you speak to me?"
    He starts to load up some of his loot when he hears again, " Jesus is watching you",
    He looks at the parrot and says "What did you say?"
    "Jesus is watching you." Utters the parrot.
    "So it was you." Says the thief.
    " Yep." Says the parrot.
    "Who are you ?" Says the thief.
    "Moses." Said the parrot.
    "What idiot would call a parrot 'Moses'? Said the thief.
    "The same idiot that calls his Rottwieller Jesus". Replied the parrot.
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