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    We have two watchdogs here, "M287J" and "Test".
    They are self appointed and they discuss their business in:

    Other persons have contributed to that thread and the one item of discussion was the behaviour of these watchdogs.
    I do not want to discuss upholding the laws; that is a matter for the poster but it is important that the watchdog has some sensitivity and has some understanding of the relationship between him and the other posters.

    I therefore decided to check this and I must say I was disappointed.
    This concerned one poster only. He was addressed by the word "Idiot" at a later stage. Someone else on a different thread was told that this poster was a ramper but the watchdog had to admit later, this poster was not.

    I believe it is also important that when a post discussing any "problem" with a poster, appears on a thread, then all subsequent posts need to be listed on that thread as well, even if it is duplicated somewhere else. This was not done.
    I think that some monitoring of the behaviour of these watchdogs is in order till such time it can be shown that there are no complaints.

    Therefore, I have appointed myself as a Monitor of the behaviour of these watchdogs. My office is a thread on the ASX - General with the subject: + + Watchdogs and follow up + +

    You obviously can refer any complaint to Ozestock but I like to read about cases where a travestry of normal behaviour occurs.

    If this is the case, then you are invited to write down the true content of the altercation on this thread. Obviously, the watchdog has the right of reply.

    Alternatively, if the watchdog has a serious complaint re behaviour from a poster, he can make notes there.

    I think that ultimately it is to the benefit of all concerned.

    Please note that this concerns behaviour only. Hopefully, there won't be any complaints.

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