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watch this one go....

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    It appears thst the overhang in this company has finally been taken out........

    The following article from today's Australian is interesting:

    After reading this I am now more than convinced that "mobile media" will play a big part in the future. media mougls will soon beg for exposure with Gotrek's ability to deliver QUALITY.

    Also in the background is Billy Gates ,Microsoft push into mobiles with Windows CE OS which requires compelling content which can be delivered through Gotrek. Microsoft is an alliance partner to GCN.

    It would not surprise that this new regiem consolidates-mmm interesting

    That full article can be obtained from

    part of it is.........

    The free to air TV networks have now all found that the mobile phone can
    finally be linked in to their business model. So far, it has been SMS and
    more of it. There is some expectation of MMS for delivering a picture from
    the viewer to the networks, all really just gimmickery stuff. And so far
    only one way communications from the viewers to the networks and not the
    other way round. However, the main game of the networks is of course TV
    content and extending from that, TV commercials. The fact that the networks
    have now started to embrace the mobile phone in their business model but as
    yet have not been able to apply the mobile phone technology to their main
    game of content and commercials, means that from a timing point of view,
    m-Vision has arrived with perfect timing.

    m-Vision can deliver the the solution to the free to air TV networks for
    their main game now, ie, TV content plus TV commercials, enabling the
    convergence of free to air TV with "Mobile Media". m-Vision will finally
    allow the TV networks to communicate back to the viewers, "pushing" content
    and messages from the networks to the viewers to their mobile phones and
    knowing who each and every viewer is who will be receiving what content and
    what commercials. This is exactly the kind of solution the free to air TV
    have been seeking in their competition against cable TV.
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