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    re: watch the downramping! What a load of garbage.

    If you want the facts on Insurance then you need look no futher than page 22 of the current prospectus re woodlots.

    If you are refering to their general business insurance are you suggesting they don't have any ?

    Further you are in effect alluding to some sort of irregularity. What is it ? Further you do this from a position of complete anonymity - you are unknown on this forum - don't even bother to put up your profile.

    You allude to some problem with the ATO then when you realise that that is a load of rubbish and unsustainable you start a new thread with two new allegations.

    Post some facts or don't bother posting - quite rightly people on this forum expect some substance these days.

    So DO some research - you can find all the material that you claim doesn't exist on the great southern website at and the prospectus's and annual reports are downloadable as pdf files.

    btw it is now standard procedure for companies to not reveal their levels of indemnity etc because suing companies has become a major growth industry in its own right.

    Happy reading.

    re your 70c thing - the company has nta of 95c - whatever your allegation into how GTP calculate nta why don't you be specific - at least they have no goodwill included - you will be hard pressed to find a company on the ASX with more easily verifiable financials in regard to nta.

    I have purchased GTP shares from around 55c to $1 and am very happy with my investment in this company.

    You aren't the guy that suggested CST would get to 90c several months ago are you ? Hmmm, I wonder....
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Currently unlisted public company.

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