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watch the dollar, amp and interest rates

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    I know that it is begining to sound very boring and like a lunatic ranting and raving on about AMP. I have been warned and yes I have been warned previously too about other comments but no action was taken considering my forecasts had come true (not htat the regulators or board of the companies involved did not know what I had already known).

    Tennyson which I warned was in trouble and other posters claimed wrongfully was about to go to the moon and discover god is now a heap of what it should have been for a long time.

    The MacMin saga of a few years back is another case in point. Phoenix the brilliant company signing gigantic deals in China and the Phillippines is a heap of dust not likely to rise agin like its namesake, the proverbial bird.

    I warned on AMP before it began its slide. I again warned well in advance of its losses greater than what it disclosed and was told I could be sued for being defamatory and attempting to manipulate the share price. Wrong again, Iw as right. Two weeks later they revealed they had losses in Britain billions bigger than what they declared.

    I had earlier stated their price would fall to around $3.90 when they and all the highly paid analysts in their pocket (literally) were talking of a $5.00 bottom and then a significant rise. (where they get thier information from is anyones guess. Guess being the operative word here).

    The NAB and AMP have lots more to say which they are not. So who am I and where do I get all of this information from?? Well wouldn't you all like to know??

    AMP is in the deepest of holes it can be in and corruption internally has heaps to dow ith it. Only a public inquiry can reveal the truth.

    The NAB has been playing games not only with AMP but also with its customers and other companies at shareholder and public expense.

    The dollar will come to a halt and begin a slide soon. it will in the process unravel some mysteries of the market and otf the economy John Howard called GREAT. The veneer will peel like Kylie Mynogue on stage and reveal an uglier sight. Trust me, the blood on the streets will no longer be proverbial it could be real.

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