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    Both the Packer organization and Leighton Holdings and their respective heads are in serious discussion about merger or buyout of cetain interests. It may be a bit too early to speculate but when Ashok Jacob the Indian whizz kid hired by packer was asked to remain before Xmas and to hold on his holidays and to meet up with King for the umpteenth time something became apparent.

    AMP is in for something as well like a major restructuring, a buyout or a takeover. it is quite likely that they will 'merge with one of the major banks like Westpac to "create synergies"' or if the rumours are anything to go by, there is something with JB Were the jilted bride of Goldman Sachs or it could be that Goldman Sachs were actually using the Were group as a red herring decoy whilst they stalked AMP.

    Gold will go up and remain so. This has little to do with Saddam Hussein and the Gulf and more to do with demaned finally reaching the intolerable level where supply has been unable to cope. It has more to do with industrial demand and Indian consumptin than the so called 'traditional safe haven' psychology of gold as a store of wealth.

    The US is in trouble with divisions in ranks now as the debate about Trent Lotte's remarks and the old Geezer Strum Thurmond's dirty smell of anti black sentiments at a time when blacks are sensitive about the whole question of attacking only errant non white nations.

    There are serious questions about discipline in ranks that emerged in the first Gulf War and are likely to widen if there is no quick foot work by the Bush administration to pacify growing minority sentiment about Lotte's remarks and how deeply entrenched it really is.

    Cheers and all the best for a New Year.
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