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    i do not know anything, apart from what has been announced to the exchange. given that today is a down day, and lum is firming, on reasonable turnover, then maybe something is in the air. the company announced the following recently

    "Lumacom is also making considerable advancements in the development of its North American market. Proposed arrangements will involve a cooperative agreement with American-based advertising property
    specialists, which will see a pro-active development of opportunities already identified by Lumacom's marketing team over the last year. One particular Lumacom sign application will potentially represent one of the single largest advertising signage opportunities achievable worldwide. The Company hopes to be in a position to
    announce detailed information on this proposal in the current quarter."

    personally, i will not be buying anymore, but if the above comes to fruition, then that could open the floodgates, as far as more orders are concerned. a deal that the company already has, seems to be good for the company

    happy punting (or investing) to all lum holders
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Currently unlisted public company.

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