Watch out for tonight trading

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    Well, it's going to be another important trading tonight in the US. The majority of investors are calling for a pull back base on the past trading patterns and negative news. But if the Dow can carry on with another positive night then we might see a lot more upside on our markets.

    The hedge funds managers are still not convince the Dow has seen its low but yet they were buying back a bit of stocks last night just in case. The institutions investor are sitting on a lot of cash and bonds and are waiting for further indications before committing themselve.

    So, if you are a gambler then go long and if you're smart wait until tomorrow morning.

    If you're bullish I think you can buy in cheaper first thing tomorrow morning.

    Just thought I share that with you all and remember I am no expert and I am just a normal human beings, who think he knows everything. Goodluck.
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