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    OXR has eccited the market over the last 18 months with some excellent drill results from its copper/gold assets in LAOS.

    The market cap of oxr has gone from a very small cap to over $200 million ,and the likes of RIO are major shareholders.

    Another that has come to my radar screens that may in the future follow OXR is in PNA which today made an announcement that AMP has become a 5% shareholder.

    It is unusual for an insto like AMP to invest in such a small cap ,blue sky explorer.

    PNA has recently raised $1 million in cash to fund exploration which was to commence this week.

    If OXR is any indication, any positive drill results could see PNA worth looking at and give AMP a nice return for being an early seeder.

    PNA has a market cap of just on $6 million which would ususally rule it out from institutional buying like we saw with AMP joining the register.

    I hold PNA shares,I dont hold OXR but did around 36 months ago when they were even less than the 4c price of PNA.

    Seems a high risk/return punt for the long term investor.

    Speak to your broker and do your own ressearch.
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