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watch defense of 78.40 on the us dollar index

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    "The Dollar Index closed Friday at 78.75, not far above its low of 78.40 made in June. Watch this June low. If the Dollar Index makes a new low, I expect the dollar’s decline to accelerate rapidly. A collapse in the dollar may prove to be the spark that sends gold higher, and over $1,000 per ounce."

    "It has been my view that gold will climb above $1,000 this year and stay there. I thought it would happen in the first quarter, and while gold did reach $1,000, it failed to stay there. The next time I expect there will be a different result. Gold will hurdle $1,000 and keep climbing. That moment is rapidly approaching."

    Quotes from James Turk's article "GoldMoney Alert - 26 July 2009 The Summer Doldrums Are Ending" with charts at
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