Was Abbott mislead re Russian Sub Technology?

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    I have been advised by another citizen who is better informed that Tony Abbott may have been mislead by his defence Advisers by ridiculing  about the suitability of Russian Technology in building the best submarine for Australia's vast coastline. It appears that the Russian ALPHA CLASS Nuclear driven and with Titanium hull was build about the time of the USA sending the first people to the moon.

    Now Australia claims to be the clever country, so why cant we request the collaboration of the free worlds best brains to help us built the best by the taking the best ideas and calling it the COLLINS CLASS 2 and fitting it with the best American & german engineering technology ?

    Alfa-class submarine

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    0 Lira submarine (Project 705)
    1 Class overview
    2 Name: Lira
    3 Operators: Soviet Navy Russian Navy
    4 In commission: 1977
    5 Planned: 8[1]
    6 Completed: 7
    7 Cancelled: 1
    8 Retired: 7
    9 General characteristics
    10 Type: attack submarine
    11 Displacement: 2,300 tons surfaced, 3,200 tons submerged
    12 Length: 81.4 m (267 ft)
    13 Beam: 9.5 m (31 ft)
    14 Draught: 7.6 m (25 ft)
    15 Propulsion: OK-550 or BM-40A, 155-MWt Lead-bismuth cooled fast reactor40,000 shp (30,000 kW) steam turbine, one shaft[2]
    16 Speed: 12 kn (14 mph; 22 km/h) surfaced, 41 knots (47 mph; 76 km/h) submerged[1][2]
    17 Test depth: 350 m test[2]
    18 Complement: 31 (all officers)[1][2]
    19 Armament: Six 533-mm (21-inch) torpedo tubes (bow):18 SET-65 or 53-65K torpedoes20 VA-111 Shkval torpedoes24 mines
    The Soviet Union/Russian Navy Project 705 (Лира/Lira, "Lyre") was a class of hunter/killer nuclear-powered submarines. The class is also known by the NATO reporting name of Alfa. They were the fastest class of military submarines built, with only the prototype K-222 (NATO Papa class) exceeding them in submerged speed.
    The Lira was a unique design among submarines. In addition to the revolutionary use of titanium for its hull, it used a powerful lead cooled fast reactor as a power source, which greatly reduced the size of the reactor compared to conventional designs, thus reducing the overall size of the submarine, and allowing for very high speeds. However, it also meant that the reactor had a short lifetime and had to be kept warm when it was not being used. As a result, the Liras were used as interceptors, mostly kept in port ready for a high-speed dash into the North Atlantic.
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