Warrants- Greeks for geeks

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    Went to the free ASX seminar on Greeks a few nites ago. Gotta recommend it as being top stuff.Check ASX website for a date near you.
    Speaker was a market maker from ABNAmro. Finally I get a chance to get belly to belly with a MM! Got confirmation of what I suspected all along, that if you buy calls, they buy the underlying and trade delta against theta. Find out how they make a profit without having a view!
    You can also find out lotsa stuff, like why the spread moves away from you when you sell, how to control that, and how "auto quoters" work.
    He was suprisingly open and honest. Even if you think you know all about greeks, its worth going to.
    If you trade warrants or etos, you need this.

    Hi to all the old boys!
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