Warrant price setting.

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    Now please excuse my ignorance on warrants but could someone more experienced than I answer this, what obligation is there for the market maker to keep the warrant somwhere near ralistic ratio wise.

    To give an example of what I mean is MAYWGG on the MAY slide down were 3c when the SP was just under $4
    The price then dropped to a low of $3.60 odd and MAYWGG slid to about 1.5c.
    Given it is a one for five call warrant with an august finish why when the SP has climed back to $4.15 is MAYWGG at only 2-2.5c when clearly 3-3.5c would be a more accurate reflection IMHO, what I am saying they kept it up on the way down and visa versa now, why, I thought they had some obligation when it came to setting the levels somewhere near fair.
    My broker is even surprised at its low level given MAY's comeback.
    I profess to being a learner when it comes to warrants so don't be to hard in your reply.
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