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    Hi gang,
    I purchased a few Citibank Feb' 27th CALL warrant NCPWOI on the 9/1/03 @9.2c.
    I/VOL was 52 at the time and the underlying was 12.15 at the time of purchase.
    NCP is now 12.58 and the I/VOL is now 49?
    NCPWOI is currently around 9.5 bid 10 sell.

    Hardly any liquidity I am guessing based upon low I/VOL.

    My question is why would Citibank offer a warrant series and not have it competitive in the market?
    I thought I was being clever and getting a bargin because they would increase I/VOL somewhere in line with competition at around 56.
    Any views on whether I/VOL is likely to be increased?

    Any thoughts appreciated


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