ANM 0.00% 5.5¢ advanced magnesium limited

warning buy anmna not anm!!!!!!1

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    If you're into Austmag buy the stapled security ANMNA NOT AMN.... see ANMNA comes with a share & guaranteed (confirmed again in today's statement) payments of 3.2c in MAY and NOV this year when the 660MillionANMNA's will become ANM's for a total of ~1Billion FPO.... ie you're paying ~1.5c vs. ~6c by buying ANM!!!!!!!!!
    I punted $9K 30mins ago on ANMNA... really that punt is only $1.5K... good luck all... remember this one could go to the wall.. BUT THE 6.4C DUE WILL BE PAYED NO MATTER WHAT!!!
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