warne`s gone

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    There`s only one reason you take a diretic,and that`s to mask something.

    That something is steroids,which would heal a shoulder injury in 5 weeks instead of 10-12 weeks.

    Terry Alderman had the same injury and it took 12-14 weeks before he was even practising in the nets.

    Taking a diretic masks any trace of steroids.

    What a time to do something stupid,sitting on 290 one day wickets and 490 test wickets.

    He desperately wants 300 & 500.

    I`m not against him,but it`s pretty obvious and he knew diretics are banned as the Vics just did a comprehensive drugs campaign.

    His ommission won`t hinder our chances,i`d prefer to lose him than Gilchrist.
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