WAR- Its Israel Pushing The War Machine, page-11

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    re: Am I Mistaken? G'day,

    Am I mistaken in thinking that there are some posting rules on HC.?

    1. Color in subjects not permitted. We all know how to do this and last time there was an outbreak of this it became bloody ridiculous.

    2. What is this topic doing in ASX.?

    Frankly, can you guys take this ongoing Arab/Israel thing somewhere else? There must be a forum somewhere designed for this. This forum is for stock related posting.

    And dont give me the rubbish about "not reading the posts". At the moment we only have a limited number of "latest posts" available to us and your incessant yabbering gibberish is using a huge part of it.

    It's Friday, the day I skip the blue pills and double up on the red ones.

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