wanted: paid disciples $250,000

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    From the Telegraph by Tim Blair: 370 DAYS UNTIL LABOR'S STORY TIME TAX
    "The government is already spending $5.6 million to send Tim Flannery and his Climate Crisis Circus around Australia explaining why we should love a carbon dioxide tax. The more that Flannery and friends talk, however, the less popular the tax becomes."
    Do I have this right? Is this some sort of a bribe to get organisations (whether they actually believe in it or not) to give their positive "green" stories? I mean, for $250,000 almost any organisation would say whatever they needed to get this sort of free money. But isn't that just potentially creating more lies on top of the lies already told?

    After seeing this, I will not be believing a word of any advertising from organisations supporting the carbon tax. I will see $250,000 as the motivation.

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