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want to see if this helps

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    I read t4p's post on how yesterdays sting would have been done and agree fully, I have mentioned this to MS before but shrugged off

    heh it happens all the time.
    if you want to halt the sp just do yet another placement, it works every time.

    but get this, I think he blames us for the low sp,

    that's why he gave away our shares to the Americans, to promote our stock, well the Germans were supposed to do wonders, but have done nothing but play follow the leader

    so what would happen if we all here pulled our sells on a certain day, most of us have sells and buys in the market.
    Most will say it's not me, but it is most of us.

    I would like to know what the sell depth would look like if we pulled orders, and what effect it would have on the sp if it was that way for a day or two.

    Would we be honest, I know some who are that I speak to everyday.

    any comments
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