SSC 0.00% 1.1¢ sultan corporation limited

want to know the breakdown.

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    We were told the following:

    (f) the Company intends to use the funds raised from the Capital Raising towards:
    (i) exploration costs associated with the Company’s existing assets;
    (ii) identification of and acquisition of new projects to complement the Company’s existing assets;
    (iii) feasibility costs associated with the development of the Company’s assets;
    (iv) costs associated with infrastructure and development of the Company’ s assets; and
    (v) any corporate costs associated with this development.
    The exact use of any funds raised under this Resolution will depend on the outcome and any development of each of the items outlined above.

    They have some idea what the fund is for. I want to at least see their estimate of the expenditure before I vote YES.

    Its painful to watch my investment in SSC reducing by the day now we will have to expect more pain. I think I bought in too soon. Will invest wisely next time.
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