want to hear a few of everyones ideas.

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    Im currently paying off my first house, havnt been out of uni long.

    I have $ I play with on the stock market and other savings and intended up until recently to use this as a deposit to buy a unit in brisvegas and rent out my house in the burbs.

    This market is so confusing. Going off my olds and other people who have sworn by property most of their lives - nows the time to buy - with flat/negative capital returns seeming to be the norm.

    But then others claim the end is nigh.

    In terms of capital exposure is it suburban homes most at risk, or city apartments? both?

    Any real estate agents care to share their current views on the different segments of the market in brisbane, whats performing and whats not? And their long term views on these segmets...cheers
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