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want the best rumour??

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    Here's a rumour that Lumie lovers will like.

    The clever PR savy Lumacom people in the West have approached/are going to approach one of WA's favourite sons in a mutually beneficial exposure deal.
    Thought of WHO it is yet? tick,tock, tick, tock, give up?
    Yep, Rove McManus.

    Following his TIME SQUARE donut stunt SPONSORED by DONUT KING last Tuesday night, Lumie bosses are apparently barred-up at the thought of sponsoring ROVE'S next visit to NY.

    The plan is for Rove - obviously a proud West Aussie - he barracks for Freemantle for crying out loud -
    to have the honour of 'flicking the switch' via satellite to light up the first LUM sign in Time Square.

    It's rumoured that Sala will be in NY regardless and there's a very good chance he'll be asked by Rove, briefly, about the sign and what it means for Australia.

    What does Rove get? His WHOLE show promoted and broadcast 'live' in TIMESQUARE on the LUMACOM/Totius sign. I think another TV 'first' for the Rove-ster.

    When you think about the benefit of Rove's huge national exposure and publicity versus what it would cost LUM for a few flight tickets you could be excused for being a little EXCITED!

    Watch this space. (hey, that sounds like a billboard)

    So do I get a PRIZE or what? lol :)
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