VRL 0.00% $3.00 village roadshow limited

wanna make 15% pa for three years????

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    Anyone know how or where to send comments to either the court handling the final say over the "purchase" of the prefs by the company or to ASIC?

    IMO the whole matter stinks and the market agrees with it.

    The whole matter just shows little protection there is for small shareholders in the market.

    IMO the plan was set up by certain individuals just to achieve this outcome of buying the prefs cheap:

    1. Cut the dividend on the common, but pay the dividend on the prefs and hint it might be cut...

    2. Announce some spurious write-offs based upon SARS as a basis for showing red ink. Well the SARS scare is over and the write-offs remain.

    3. Announce that the prefs dividends will not be paid.

    So the price of the shares crashes based upon the action of the BOD. Now offer to buy them back with a little bit of cash and a funny unsecured note paying 10%...

    The cut in the common was the basis for AHD selling their interest in Village at a cheap price and now the prefs get to be gobled up.

    After deducting the 25 cent up fron cash payment, the market is valuing the $1.00 face value of the note at 78 cents. When combined with the supposed income of 10% on the outstanding face value and the amortization of 1/3 of the issue per year, the rate of return works out to about 15% per year over the life of the note...

    The only problem is that you have to let the Village people hold on to yor money for three more years during which IMO they can figure how to screw you out of the interest as well as the face value....
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